Reimagining the standard deck of playing cards

“City Skyline Playing Cards”

4 weeks, Jan / Feb 2011, Individual Project

course: Laboratorio di Elementi Visivi del Progetto

Politecnico di Milano, B.Sc. Communication Design

Exhibited at SaloneSatellite in 2011


What if traditional games weren’t the only way to play with cards? The City Skyline Playing Cards are an updated version of the standard deck. The four suits are substituted by four cities with a remarkable and recognizable skyline: Paris, London, New York and San Francisco.


When laid out in the correct order, the cards of each suit form a faithful reproduction of the skyline of each city. But the fun begins by mixing the different cards, creating dream urban scenes where the Tour Eiffel sits next to the Empire State Building and the London Eye is a neighbour of the Transamerica Pyramid.