Turning trash into Wonderful Stuff

“Wonderful Stuff”

6 weeks, Jan / Mar 2014, Individual Project

course: Design Exploration and Experimentation course

Aalto University, Industrial and Strategic Design programme

tutored by Maarit Mäkelä, Simo Puintila, Krista Kosonen

Exhibited at Design Forum Finland Showroom


With this installation, I wanted to show that we are the ones who decide the value of everything that exists, and everything that happens. Importance is relative: even the stuff that is seemingly insignificant can be wonderful.

Our everyday lives produce a considerable amount of detritus that goes unnoticed: tea bags, candy wrappers, torn-up post-its. Six kaleidoscopes (made from empty tubes of Pringles that were bound to be trash as well) show that just by looking at it in a different way, even this little stuff can be beautiful, and valuable.